EVERLAST - Energy Drink



The fast growth of the Energy Drink market in Europe and EVERLAST being such a strong brand name, so well-known among young consumers launched a tasty and competitive Energy Drink with this brand. After extensive search and market research a drink with tutti-frutti flavour and 6 added vitamins is created which is the most liked flavour at the moment on the market. The product is delivered in a fashionable, sporty-elegant looking 250ml can. The product offers 35mg caffeine/100ml, vitamins, a well-known global brand name, premium quality and a very strong, competitive price point. In 2010 Modtex ltd. became a licensed importer and distributor of this amazing Energy Drink for Bulgaria. 


Content of the drink Everlast: water, sugar, acid citric, carbon dioxide (6d / l), acidity regulator: sodium citrate, taurine 400 mg/100ml, glucose syrup - fructose glyukoronolakton, flavoring: caffeine, flavors, coloring agents: ammonium , caramel, inositol, vitamins: niacin, riboflavin (B2), vitamin C, pantothenic acid, B6, B12, preservative sodium benzoate. High caffeine content: 35 mg/100 ml.

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